It was kinda like a dream, to finally be flying to Costa Rica.

And then we waited, and waited and then thanks to some missing flight attendants we waited some more. How has an airline not figured out how to keep water lines from freezing on a plane already?! I’m trying to get to Costa Rica here!!!

The plane was thawed and the flight attendants were paged once, then twice. We boarded about an hour and a half late. It wasn’t the worst wait though, met a nice couple also traveling to CR for the first time and the conversation helped pass the time.

Ten hours after we left SLP we landed. Not much for waiting there, zipped off the plane, through customs, easy peasy. Our driver was right there waiting. Wooo! Let’s get this vacation on the road! LIterally! And then, somewhere along the crazy Costa Rican highway, something made us wait some more. Perhaps an accident, or a cow, or just an errant tico. No worry though, a well worn Enrique Iglesias cd kept us pumped up. I think our excitement prevented us from realizing we had been on one skipping song for at least a half hour. Ben, the saint that he was for riding shotgun and enduring darting around ticos and motor bikes and dogs, asked if he could take control of the stereo. Unfortunately there was no playing anything but the Enrique CD.

No matter, we made it to the rental office alive, absconded with the keys and headed up the ginormous hill that would eventually pump my calves up so much I couldn’t zip my winter boots over them when I returned home. Our house was gorgeous! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, pool, full kitchen, grill, and the most incredible view that we’d have to wait till morn to take advantage of.

After getting our things together we headed down the hill for dinner & drinks, stopped mid-hill on the way back for a couple more and then settled into slumber to prepare ourselves for the rest of our adventure.


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