I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have amassed so many wonderful friends. Lucky to have made life-long friends in school, just about every job I’ve had and some of my favorite hangouts. I wish I could have seen each and every one of you before I left town but I may have been avoiding goodbyes. It would have been awkward for anyone to see me get choked up and find out I really was born with a heart. 

(In case you were wondering, I am listening to Buck Owens right now. I feel this is worth interrupting my post because you should find some Buck Owens quick, crank it up and it’ll be just like we’re hanging out!)

I’m extremely grateful for two of my long time friends, one bff from high school and another from the best job of my life during college, without them I’m not even sure how I’d be getting along right now. Probably couchsurfing or super cheap extended staying. Better for my dad’s health that those were not necessary.

Christina (from hs), her hubby Matt and their three boys all live on their farm in Ellensburg, WA, a hundred some miles east of Seattle. I stayed there the first few days of my trip, and then a few more after I came up to Seattle. And hopefully a few more soon if they stop getting snow in mountains between here. I don’t have chains for that beast of a van. (which I crawled on top of today to duct tape a particularly leaky spot of the sunroof. a guy who was designing a road while next to me at the bar suggested trying it. cross your fingers it works!) They’re wonderful hosts and the boys the biggest sweethearts. And their dog Bella a wonderful playmate for Murphy. And the roosters make sure I’m up early every day! You can read more about them and their farm here

Cathy (one of my best bev cart pals!) lives in Greenwood, a neighborhood in Seattle that is growing on me a little too quickly. She is amazing! Works all day and trains for triathlons (she’s racing pro this year) much of the rest of the time. She too is a wonderful host, having to put up with me being around most of the time and with Murphy crawling into bed with her and chewing his bone while she tries to sleep. She was away all weekend and it was the first time I’ve stayed alone for more than a day or two in a really long time. So of course, I went to the bars up the block. (how could you not love a neighborhood with multiple bars up the block?!?!) 

Every night. I had read that Bill’s had $2 Rainiers so I stopped in there after a very romantic solo Valentines’s Day dinner at Naked City. (bar, no naked people, such a bummer) There were only a couple of people in the bar area so it gave the bartender, Emily, plenty of time to chat with me. I had 3 beers and headed to the karaoke bar. I chatted with a very cute guy who really wanted me to stay but I left and spared him a broken heart. Besides, I’m not here to meet guys! (ha!) The next night I went straight to Bill’s and Emily was working again. She greeted me by name and again we chatted all night. The waitress from the night before sat down next to me after her shift, and the bar back joined in too. They were playing all kinds of sweet hip hop (lots of Luda!) on the jukebox so we were rapping along and dancing a little too. As I was leaving, Emily hugged me and let me know when she’d be working again. What a sweetheart! Sunday night I decided to hit up a bar I hadn’t been to as my new friends wouldn’t be working. There were only 4 people in there, and they randomly included me in their convos and showed me instagram pics. After 2 of them left, the one other woman in the bar asked me to come sit with them. Turned out her boyfriend was the bar’s owner. They were interested to hear about why I’m here and suggested places to hike, tube and trivia night at their bar on Thursday. One other guy rolled in and after the owner left I chatted with him and the bartender, Brett, the rest of the night. Brett suggested all kinds of things for me to see and do, shared his chips and hot sauce, and told me to ask $2000 for the van. The other guy bought me a shot of Fireball. (which I believe is awesome hangover prevention – the last night I had 4 beers I felt so crappy. 4 beers and a fireball last night and today I felt amazing! or it could have been that I was drinking a better beer, Veltins, a German pilsner. best beer i’ve had yet here!) Anyway, the point of this super long tale is that despite what I had heard/read, one can make friends in Seattle. Unfortunately you have to pay them. 🙂 

Murphy is making friends too, Cathy’s condo seems to have an older crowd and they all think he’s cute. One lady said “We like Murphy! And you too.” Thanks lady. 

Grab some fireball and let’s toast to friends, old and new. Minnesota friends (and family), I miss you! 



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