More Costa Rica

Costa Rica was amazing. I was with my sister, my best friends, in the most beautiful place on earth. And we made the most of every single day. ATV tour Tues, surfing & chef made dinner in house Weds, sailing & snorkeling Thurs and horseback riding, zip lining, mud bath and hot springs Friday. And we made it to the local beach every day!

One of the best moments though came when a few of us headed to another town to a popular local dance night. We were walking down the hill, wondering how we’d find a cab in our tiny town, when a car happened to drive by. I threw up a sort of flagging wave but he kept going. Someone hit me a few seconds later and I thought they were trying to prevent me from a bad step on the cobblestone road. Nope, the car had backed up! It was a cab. Lucky wave! We hopped in and headed to Las Brisas in Playa Potrero.

The cabbie was nice and as I sat in front, we chatted a bit. And then we hit a check point. Quite a few cops, lights flashing, what a scene! Soon a cop came over and flashed his light on each of us. This was Jen (courtesy of the Sand Draw app, how fitting!):


I was laughing the entire time. The poor cabbie had his smokes inspected then was asked to get out and be searched. Thankfully he had nothing on him and we went on our way. He said they were looking for guns. So glad he didn’t have one!

The party had yet to get started when we got there but we had a few drinks, watched a little dancing and hung out on the beach. Sometimes I’d rather watch than dance. This was one of those nights. And it was good watching. Sexy moves in CR.

The cabbie had said he’d be back now and then so we started walking thinking maybe we’d run into one. We never did. Miles of dark country road, lit only by the giant moon. We eventually reached the beach and took that the remainder of the journey. The moon had sunk by then but it was a perfect walk. Waves crashing, crabs scurrying. Heaven.


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