Highlights of a Rainy Sunday

1. Reserved a compact car for the weekend to visit friends and ended up with a Hyundai Tucson (not a compact at all!). I love it! It’s zippy and comfy and has all kinds of fun features. Though I am a parallel parking expert, I found the rearview cam very helpful while getting in a tight spot last night. 

2. Used it to drive 4 blocks to Fred Meyer today since it was raining and I was buying some heavy items. When I got in the car after shopping, this song was on Sirius 90’s Radio: 


3. When I returned the 4 blocks home I discovered I had forgotten the M&M’s for my Monster Cookies. I live right next door to Safeway! So I just ran over there. (Living that close to Safeway is actually not that great as whenever I want to eat something that is not already in my fridge/cupboard I just walk over there and find something more exciting.)

4. I am using my brand spankin’ new KitchenAid mixer for the first time to make the cookies. It is wonderful. And a joy to gaze at on a dreary day.

5. It’s only 11:33. So many more awesome things can happen today. 


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